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Your one stop logistics solution for your growing Digital Business

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Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery

Secured Service
Secured Service

Reliable Shipment
Reliable Shipment


Goods delivery is not your core business, its ours. We have developed technology, operations, processes and value chain to take care of your delivery needs, while you focus on your core business.


Why Why Choose Us

Seamless integration
Seamless End to End integration with your platform through API/Plugins.
Flexible Pricing
One size does not fits all, hence our flexible pricing offer based on your business needs.
Realtime Tracker
Realtime tracking of all orders for yourself and your end customers.
Portal Access
Access to our portal for order management, reporting and analytics.

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30 minutes setup time

30% reduced costs

30% reduction in delivery time


Delivus provides one stop shop for E-commerce providers to deliver packages across Saudi Arabia. We provide seamless integration with our portal through which you can avail delivery services provided by our courier partners.


We help E-Commerce retailers manage delivery of their goods seamlessly and with all the choices available in the market. Delivus platform is integrated with 70+ carriers or courier. We take care of your orders by assigning the most suitable provider for every order and providing end to end visibility.


Solution Solution & Services

see our Solution & Services to get best services

Last Mile Services

We are happy to offer different kinds of delivery solutions depending on your delivery preference and management control.

Fixed Fleet Capacity Service

Want a dedicated outsourced fleet with operations managed by you…. We are happy to provide dedicated capacity at your disposal for a fixed monthly fee.

Variable (per package) same day Delivery Service

Don’t want to commit to a monthly charge…… you can subscribe to on-demand delivery service and we will deliver within 24 hours of receipt of the product.

Variable (per package) Delivery Service

Don’t want to commit to a monthly charge and quick….. you can subscribe to on-demand delivery service for delivery within 6 hours.

On demand Delivery Solutions

5 tons or larger trucks for your depot to depot transportation

Depot to Depot Delivery Service

Have got special requirements? Please let us know and we will help you.

Simplified Simplified Work Flow

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